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A few days old

A few days old

There is something fascinating about preemies. Their muscle mass to overall body mass ratio allows preemies to do things most newborns would not do for months. Both boys were very active. They would wiggle and worm their way around the incubator. We joked any minute they would get up and walk on out. Landon liked to lie on his back, arms up above his head, legs propped up on the ‘nest’ the nurses made to try to contain him. Every 3 hours after a diaper change, temperature check and feeding, he would get repositioned. Back to sleep rules don’t apply in the NICU.

When Landon was 4 days old, Chris and I were sitting in his room. We spend most of our days moving back and forth between rooms watching our babies in their boxes aka incubators. Chris had begun to refer to them as his little turtles in a terrarium. We had not been able to hold the boys; we could simply sit and watch and wait.

Landon decided since we were watching he would put on show. He was in a prone position and we watched as he stuck his butt up in the air; think downward facing dog yoga pose. We were joking with the nurse that he really didn’t seem to want to be on his tummy when before our very eyes he rolled over. He managed to put all his weight on one leg and flipped and flopped on over. Once on his back he assumed his favorite position and fell right to sleep. I, for one, could not believe my eyes.

In the days to come, we were often told how active our babies were. This was good news. Active babies equal strong babies. They had a lot of fight in them. Their activity level helped to reassure us they were going to be okay.