It has now been several years since I originally posted the blog below. In honor of Ansley’s upcoming 4th birthday, I decided to repost my story from the begining…

I recently read a book, Heart of the Matter, by Emily Giffin.  The book began “…I find myself reconstructing those final, ordinary moments. Moments that make up our lives. Moments that were blissfully taken for granted—and that likely would have been forgotten altogether but for what followed. The before snapshots.”

I am all too familiar with the before snapshots, those days where everything was right in my world.  When I truly felt my life was going absolutely perfect.  I couldn’t have planned it better.  Before my world was turned upside down.  This week is the one year anniversary of my before.  I remember every detail as if it happened yesterday.  I can tell you the weather, what I did day to day, even what I was wearing.

Having given myself a year to grieve and allow my heart to begin to heal, I felt it an appropriate time to start my blog and share my life and my story. My hope is that I can raise awareness.  Awareness for a condition called HELLP, which took the life of my daughter.  A life that had not “really” yet begun.