It was a Thursday, St. Patrick’s Day, a co-workers birthday, I was getting my annual performance review or at least that is how I thought my day would go.  By lunch time, I was in agonizing pain.  My back hurt, but of course my back hurt I was 6 months pregnant.  That is normal right?
I called my boss and asked if we could do my review now, so I could leave and go to the chiropractor.  I hadn’t been to the chiropractor in years, but this would be my third trip in a week.
She felt around my back, nothing really out of line and mumbled to herself in a frustrated tone,  “I have to figure this out, if only I could x ray you. But I can’t, your pregnant, all the more reason to figure this out… pain is bad for you or baby, it will raise your blood pressure.”
As I laid face down on her table, I was unsure if she was speaking to me or to herself, but her words echoed in my head.  I went home; dug out an old home blood pressure machine I had gotten after my dad’s stroke many years before, hunted down some fresh batteries and checked my blood pressure for myself.  130/70- completely normal.  About the same as it had been when I was at the doctor the week before.  The same light hearted doctor’s appointment where I was told I was having a picture perfect pregnancy.