I know I am probably in trouble with a few of my friends and family members for neglecting to share a little detail about my week.  My intentions were good, no need to alarm anyone, but it is amazing how “things” have a way of getting out.  (For the record, we did tell our parents.)

On Tuesday, I had my routine visit with the specialist.  I thought the visit was going very well.  During the growth scan, they were able to see everything that was not clear a month ago.  The babies were incredibly active.  In fact, it was as if we were watching a WWE wrestling match.  Ahhh, the things I have to look forward to with two boys.  They are at it already!

The ultrasound tech wrapped up and soon thereafter the doctor entered the room.  She said they were able to see pretty much everything they needed to; but, at the end of the scan they used the Doppler to check the blood flow through the placenta, to the umbilical cord, thus to the babies.  Baby A had normal blood flow, but with Baby B they couldn’t find what they were looking for. They referred to this as absent blood flow.  Clearly, it wasn’t totally absent since the baby had a good heart beat, but it was reason to cause concern.  She said that, coupled with my occasional shortness of breath, was leading her to think she might need to send me to the hospital for more tests.  She told me she was waiting on my primary OB to call her back to get her opinion.

Just then the nurse let her know my doctor was on the line for her.  I looked at Chris and said, “looks like we are going to the hospital.”  I knew my doctor, who has been very cautious with me, would not bat an eyelash at sending me.

Sure enough, moments later I got my confirmation.  The only way they could get the tests they want and get them in the timeframe they needed, was to admit me.  So off to the hospital we went.

It was a little creepy when they opted to put us in the exact same room I was in with Ansley, but a room is just a room.  When the nurse staff realized it was the same room, they quickly offered to change my room.  At the end of the day, they all look the same.

Over the next 30 hours, I had countless tests run, including another ultrasound looking at blood flow.  The second ultrasound offered much better results and every test they ran on me came back problem free!

Both babies are on the small side, especially Baby B, so they are going to continue to watch me closely. They also decided it was time for official bed rest not just work from home status.  Guess I will be doing my Christmas shopping online.  But, all in all, the trip to the hospital confirmed so far everything is looking good.