Yup, that’s right.  Its twins!

I am certainly no expert at reading ultrasound results, especially when I was only 5 weeks and 2 days along.  But as I looked at the screen, one thing was becoming more and more clear-there were TWO.  At first I wasn’t so sure, I thought maybe as she changed the angle of the ultrasound that I was seeing the same one and it just gave an appearance of being 2.  As I continued to watch the screen, they both appeared at the same time.  “It looks like 2, is it twins?” I ask the tech.  There are defiantly 2 she responded, and quickly asked if I was on fertility drugs. Nope defiantly not on fertility drugs! She said it is very early; the heartbeats won’t start until next week.  She expected to see me back then, to confirm that they are both developing, but that would be the doctor’s call.

I was shocked and excited, but I knew this was not good news from a medical stand point.   The only thing that could further complicate an already highly complicated pregnancy would be twins.

As I sat in the room waiting on the doctor, the nurse walked in… I see we are having babies!  Yes, I say, but I don’t think this is good thing; not with all the complications I had last time.  She said we will just wait and see what the doctor says.

I continued to wait for the doctor, trying to wrap my head around twins.  I hear a knock on the door followed by a long gasp and “OH wow” and it wasn’t in an excited tone. Got my confirmation, while this was very exciting news, it was not good news.   She walked into the room staring at the ultrasound results.  Well this changes things she said.  Is this worst case scenario I ask, No, but yes she responded; It will make things more challenging than they already would be.  I can no longer make any promises that things will go better this time. Granted a lot can change.  There is a high risk of miscarriage and we don’t know that they will both develop.  I need to see you back next week, and then we will start you with Maternal Fetal (the high risk specialists) as soon as we determined it is a well established pregnancy.

Before we left the room she asked me, “do you have your prenatal vitamins, and Folic Acid remember you need 4 mg, and um… anxiety medicine.”  I can take that pregnant I ask, no, but I may need some she said joking.  As we walked out of the room, the nurse offered her congrats again on the twins.  No, my doctor said almost scolding the nurse.  Realizing she sounded harsh, she quickly changed her tune, okay congrats on being pregnant…we will all get through this together.

As I left the appointment my excitement grew, even in the face of the pending challenges, I was pregnant again and this time there were 2 babies.

I met Chris for lunch.  He had still had no idea of the news I had just learned.  When the moment seemed right I told him… I have good and bad news and it is the same news. He looked at me puzzled.  You know how we decided we would only do this one time, due to the risks even though we really wanted more kids.  Well we are getting more kids, and we only have to do this once.  Its twins!