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Since moving to our new house, I have remembered how much I love sunsets.  My apartment in college had a great sunset view as did my first apartment in the real world.  But, when Chris and I bought our first house a great sunset view was not on the must have list.  For 6 years, I forgot how magical sunsets are. 

Before putting an offer in on our new house, we drove by after work one evening in an attempt to make a final decision.  The timing was perfect, we realized we had a magnificent sunset view from the back porch.  We now spend many evenings sitting on the back porch, sipping wine and watching the sunset.

On Tuesday, we realized we were coming up on the summer solstice. We decided to celebrate the longest day of the year by taking the boat out after work.  It was a beautiful evening on the lake.  We stayed on the water to watch the sunset.  And as we were cutting across the lake to the dam, the best spot to watch the sunset, I spotted something in the clouds.

I was absolutely mesmerized by the sight.  I asked Chris, do you see what I see?  Just to the left of the setting sun there were a few clouds, but not just any clouds.  They were rainbow clouds.  I had never seen such a thing. I have since learned this phenomenon is called a ‘fire rainbow’ I grabbed my iPhone to try and snap a few pictures. The picture doesn’t do it any justice, so I found one on Google images with better resolution that captures what I was actually seeing. 

Rainbow Clouds over Lake Lanier

Rainbow in the clouds – image found on Google images

It wasn’t long ago that I wrote about Searching for my rainbow.  And here is a rainbow right in front of me, but not following a storm.  In fact, it is a much more rare sight than a traditional rainbow.