I needed to get out of the office for a few minutes today, so I popped over to a cute little gift shop nearby.  I had no intention of buying anything.  Just a change of scenery.   As I looked at all the pretty little things, a picture frame caught my eye. It read, “Have Faith in Your Dreams, and Someday Your Rainbow will Come Smiling Through” ~ Cinderella.

Everyone loves a good Cinderella quote, but it is interesting how many things now have a different meaning.  It was about 8 months ago that I first heard the term Rainbow Baby.  I was at my support group, Rock Goodbye Angle.  I wasn’t 100% sure of what it meant, but I thought I had a pretty good idea. Of course, when I got home I Goggled it.  According to Urban Dictionary,

A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death. In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison. The storm (pregnancy loss) has already happened and nothing can change that experience. Storm clouds might still be overhead as the families continue to cope with the loss, but something colorful and bright has emerged from the darkness and misery.

Ever since I learned that term, I have been looking for a rainbow…literally.  If the sun comes out following a storm I will go outside and look for a rainbow.  I am yet to see one.  I feel like when I do, it might just be a sign that things will be okay.

We still don’t know if I will be able to have another baby.  The risks might be too great.  We hope to have those answers soon.  So for today, maybe, just maybe the picture frame was put there just for me as my sign.  I may have to wait a little longer to see my rainbow, but I will have faith.