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In the days following my first trip out of the house, I decided to try to catch up on some emails.  I was reading emails in small doses as sympathy can be hard to deal with.  I saw a message titled “So sorry”.  I opened the message and read the first line.  My name is Christy and we have some mutual friends.  Although I had never met Christy, I knew exactly who she was.

October 29, 2010… Chris and I went to our friends Matt and Robyn’s new house for a Halloween party.  It was there that I first heard Christy’s story.

She was only a few days away from her due date, when she woke in the middle of the night with a fever.  As she sat in bed, it dawned on her that she had only felt contractions not the baby moving. She woke her parents, whom she had move in with mid-pregnancy, and told them they needed to go to the hospital.  It was there that she received the news that her daughter had passed away.  The doctors induced Christy and her daughter, Evelyn Marie was born the next day.  They later learned she most likely died from a cord injury; the umbilical cord had wrapped around her neck. (www.babyevie.com)

I stood in the kitchen blinking back tears.  I had known several people who had miscarried, but Christy was well past the 12 week danger zone, she was full term.  My heart broke for her.  Little did I know, at that very moment I was pregnant with Ansley.  We would find out I was expecting 5 days later!