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Saturday turned into Sunday. Time went from moving in slow motion to becoming a complete blur.  I had heard the words, Ansley had passed away. I saw everyone react, but for all I knew, this was just a very bad dream.

One minute the room was packed full of people, the next minute it was just family and a nurse.  I don’t remember seeing anyone leave, but they had all disappeared.  More evidence this must just be a dream, people don’t just disappear in real life.

I was told the course of my care would be changing.  The focus was now solely on me. There would not be a c-section it was too risky, instead they would be inducing labor.

I was given a blood transfusion of platelets as well as a few other medications.  It was the middle of the night.  I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and not asking many questions.   My parents left as did Chris’s mom.  They suggested I get some sleep.  As exhausted as I was, there was no chance of me sleeping.

Sharon the night nurse pulled up a chair next to my bed where she would spend the rest of her shift, she turned the lights down and for the first time I cried.

I must have dosed off a time or two, but every time I did, I was awaken by alarms. My oxygen levels were dipping too low or my blood pressure was rising too high.  I was told to focus on slow deep breaths.

Soon they were hooking me up to oxygen. Pulmonary Edema (aka fluid in my lungs) was setting in.  This was yet another complication from HELLP Syndrome.