Going into this pregnancy, I thought the silver lining to being extremely high risk was that I would get to find out what I was having very early.  The Maternal Fetal doctors use ultrasounds with higher resolution and give a clearer picture.  And, I was having very frequent ultrasounds at my regular OB appointments too.

Finding out at 14 – 15 weeks would be great.  I could start planning the nursery theme/ color scheme and even start a registry long before any potential bed rest orders.

At 14 weeks and 3 days I had an ultrasound, and much to my disappointment while they had an idea on Baby A’s gender, it was far from definitive and Baby B was not willing to cooperate at all.

I knew I had another appointment with my OB a week and a half later, and I sure I would find out then.  After all, I found out at 16 weeks Ansley was a girl. So I was sure I would know then.  Turns out my OB was out of the office and I saw another doctor at the practice, who didn’t feel she needed to ultrasound me again so soon.

Now at 18 weeks and 3 days, I return to the specialist for another growth scan.  Fingers crossed both babies cooperate and I will soon know if I am having boys, girls or one of each.