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I woke up Friday and decided to call in sick to work although truthfully I was feeling so much better.  I felt a bit guilty about calling in, I was trying to save as much time as possible for when the baby was born…Oh the irony.

It was a beautiful day, much like this year, the temperatures were abnormally high.  Chris knocked off of work early and we decided to take to boat out and watch the sunset, one of our favorite things to do.  The lake was quiet and calm.

We had only been out for about 10 minutes, when ever ripple in the water felt like a knife in my back.  I yelled at Chris and he pulled into a nearby cove.  I was almost in tears from the pain.  And, then the nausea set in.  We sat in the cove for a while to see if I would start to feel better.  I didn’t.  This was the first time I worried that something might be wrong.  We cut back across the lake at idle speed as to not jar the boat at all.

I went home and took some Tylenol and climbed into bed.  Chris wanted me to check my blood pressure again, after all if pain did affect blood pressure in theory it should be up. And it was.  Not too much, but above my normal level.   While we waited for the Tylenol to kick in, Chris started Googling.  He stumbled across Preeclampsia, but quickly ruled it out.  MY BP didn’t seem high enough, I wasn’t swollen, all my labs from my last doctor appointment were normal, must just be the pain.  Thirty minutes later, after the Tylenol eased the pain, we checked my BP again- Back to normal. Guess it is nothing to worry about.  I will call my doctor on Monday.